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Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • FLOATER: This person does whatever is needed at a meet by the parent reps.

  • HEATING: Gather kids from tents for specific events.

  • HEATING DECK: Checks and confirms each swimmer is in his/her asssigned lane (1 through 6) and proper heat prior to each heat of an event (Boys 25 Free, Girls 25 Free, etc.). May need to quickly notify coaches or main heating personnel that a swimmer is absent. Previous experience desired.

  • HOSPITALITY: Volunteers serve drinks to various people running the meets as well as cleaning the bathrooms. Volunteers should periodically check all tent areas for trash during their shift and encourage swimmers to clean up. Empty and change all garbage cans as needed.

  • RUNNERS: Runners collect time sheets and take them to the Meet Manager/ Scorer's Table.

  • SNACK BAR: Sell snacks to swimmers and parents during home swim meets and 9-10 Age Prelims hosted by Homestead. This includes helping to setup and take down the snack bar if you are working first or last shift.

  • SNACK BAR - CONDIMENT PREP: Cut, prepare and deliver lettuce, tomatoes and onions for the Snack Bar to sell during home meets including the 9-10 Age Group Prelims hosted by Homestead. This can be done the night before the meet.

  • SNACK BAR - DELIVERY: Drive around and gather needed food for the meets the morning or day of the meet and delivery to pool.

  • SNACK BAR - GRILL: Cook hot dogs, hamburgers, veggi-burgers.

  • STROKE JUDGES: Strokes Judges must attend a RMSL clinic and be certified annually. They assure proper execution of strokes and turns as described by USA Swimming and RMSL rules. Competitive swim experience/knowledge is preferred.

  • TENT SET-UP/TAKE-DOWN and CLEAN-UP: Tents are put up early Saturday morning (5 AM) and taken down after the meet. Clean up includes return the pool area to it's normal condition after meets.

  • TIMERS: Timers are on deck and assigned a lane for each event. They time one swimmer in a lane from start to finish. Watches and training provided by the team. While all other volunteer jobs are important, Timing probably ranks as the most important because all swimmers are swimming their best in order to lower their time in the event.
    • While the timing process it not difficult, it demands that the timer give his or her full attention and focus for each and every event for the entire length of the shift. As such, it is CRITICAL that you also review the RMSL league timing instructions at this link: Timer Instructions
  • OTHER POSITIONS: There are a number of other positions that are needed for meets and Forth of July party that have been included as part of the volunteer requirements.
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