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2017 H2Os

Ryan Conklin

Laurie Frederickson

Morgan Goldy

Kennedy Kerber

Ciara Langdon

Lucy Maloney

Abby Miranda

Margaret Molke

Joe Morris

Ashley Sayre

Lindsey Watson

Annie Williams

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H2O Program

Do you have what it takes to be part of the H20 program.

  • 2 Part Heart... 1 Part Obsession

Here is a bit about the H2O program, if you are interested please contact the head coach.

  • Older swimmers to mentor younger swimmers
  • Should be able to help run a few lanes at practice and keep kids focused
  • With little kids play games while coach is focused on kids in the water
  • Need to show up to at least 2 practices (besides Mondays) for your younger swimmers age group
  • Coaches will mentor H2O in training techniques and running practices, explaining why they are doing certain things each day
  • Up to 2 H2Os per age group so that each day (besides Monday) coach can expect an H2O there helping
  • Attend Tuesday Meets and act as Heater and Runner, while at the same time supporting the swimmers
  • Should be interested in coaching and/or supporting the Homestead Swimteam more and more...
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